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You deserve the very best so why not choose the best in the industry? We are a reputable home builder that offer many advantages in having a great relationship with all of our sub-trades and suppliers. Having the pleasure of dealing with team of experts for over 16 years now, their availability and expertise will reassure you throughout the construction process. They are the key to our success! We just received another 3  awards at this year's gala in 2012 for Best New Construction 2012, Best Multi-Unit 20122012 Membership Support Award . These awards join the same ones recieved in 2011 and 2 other ones in 2010 and 2008. They are given by the Canadian Home Builders' Association of New Brunswick each year luxury replica watches and reflects the quality of work given by all of our excellent team.

Do not hesitate to contact us or them for any questions. Your new home will also be under the New Home Warranty offered by the Atlantic New Home Warranty Program, so please contact them for any references or questions on the different warranties offered.

Check out these lovely new homes that have just recently been built and that are currently for sale! Also you?ll find some that are presently being enjoyed by their new owners!
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Professional Builders will offer a New Home Warranty that will protect you from potentially expensive repairs due to some building defects... view more
It was our first construction and even before we started our plan, Lionel and Chantel gave us a tour of their home to better develop our house plan. They succeed in giving great details on the different stages of construction. They're honest and holds on to their words. It is with great pleasure that we recommend this company.
Todd MacIntosh et Lisa Everett, Dieppe NB
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